Monday, July 12, 2010

Film - I Am Love

I finally got around to seeing Tilda Swinton's 'I am Love' last weekend and I enjoyed it, perhaps more for the wardrobe, sets and music, than for the story line. 'Madame Bovary' it was not. Still, in spite of the fact that the film ran for 2 hours, and was desperately in need of editing, it was definitely worth seeing.
In fact any movie with Tilda Swinton aka 'The Swinton' is worth seeing, don't you agree?

The story is of a bourgeois wife of an Italian industrialist, who emerges from her repressed inner life by falling in love with a young chef, Antonio.  Food is the catalyst for her stepping out of her uber elegant yet cold life in her Milan palazzo and into the country life and raw nature, an Eve finding her Garden of Eden with her primal Adam, if you will.

Anyone who has watched this film will see her character's transformation physically represented in the changes in her overall look. With a wardrobe created by Raf Simons of Jill Sander, the story begins with her character Emma (yeah, we get the nod to Madame Bovary), wearing sleek  monochromatic outfits in cooler colors of blue, grey, plum, etc. 

In the key scene where Emma has lunch at the chef's restaurant in Milan, and falls in love with the Antonio with each bite that she takes of her food, she wear red.

Later, when she follows the chef to his country property, high up in the Ligurian hills, the color palate of her wardrobe changes to warm colors. I could go on and on about Romanticism and the reversion to nature and the correlation of nature and sex that are all big themes in this film, but I won't.
I'd rather say something about the jewelry.
The long strand of multicolored Tahitian pearls, the single statement gold bracelet, the ball pendant (just like this one by Chopard at Beladora), and the all important double strand of white South Sea pearls, added the extra luxe detail to the polished look of her character.
Also, the score was by the brilliant composer, John Adams.  The music was so beautiful that it added emotional depth to the lushly filmed scenes.
I definitely recommend this film.  It is worth seeing for the wardrobe, the music and the architecture and interior design of the Milan palazzo alone.
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Kimmy said...

Oh my Belle,
You had me at wardrobe, sets and music!
Whether an opera, mob movie or love story-the Italians always grant you a great story line, a boatload of scintillating and titillating drama and a most regal and alluring backdrop in which to enjoy it all.
You have made a believer out of me-I shall be viewing this soon.
Have a lovely one Belle, cheers!

Wildernesschic said...

Belle there is an award for you on my blog xx
I love the photos from this movie, I am also looking forward to seeing the new Twilight movie.. you know how much I love vampires xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

I agree - super movie just for Swinton alone - cannot believe you waited this long to watch it , she looks amazing

Deja Pseu said...

I love it when filmmakers pay enough attention and use subtle costuming effects to really help tell the story. This one sounds quite interesting.

I'm salivating over that ball pendant!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I adore the timeless chic of the garments and the music. The setting is quite gorgeous, too. The story sounds provocative. Must try and see this film. It's now added to my list. Warmly hopes you are well;-)

Tabitha said...

Yes, I'm in the queue of people going to see it just for the wardrobe.

Jill said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this...although I have a feeling it will be one of those movies that I don't watch with my husband.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I LOVED this movie but agree with you it needed just as little TWEAK. I'm not sure if it suffered from too MUCH over-zealous editing or not enough. Did they try to hard to be avant garde? Whatever, it was wonderful. Especially loved the dramatic ending, so loud you wanted to cover your ears then SILENCE. awesome!

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