Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Day In The Life

A lot has been going on in my life in the last 7 days....a birthday (my son's 27th), a wedding, a party, a funeral and an earthquake and yes I'm tired, but not too tired to write about jewelry...because that is what I do.

So what did I wear to the memorial service, a straightforward little black dress with pearls, of course. Out of respect for the seriousness of the occasion, and the fact that the service was held in a church, I added a black jacket to cover my arms and an Hermes scarf tucked inside the jacket to cover the decollete.

Here's the detail shot (yikes!) with a South Sea pearl strand paired with South Sea pearl "orbit" earrings with yellow sapphires .  I also wore a vintage Piaget diamond watch and a South Sea pearl and diamond rings. (I'm laughing at myself in this photo because it is just so difficult to take a picture of myself from this angle)

Since the memorial for my step-daughter's son was at the same church where the memorial service was held for my husband 16 years ago...the whole experience was more than just a little surreal.  It was also the church where I was married, a lifetime ago, when I was a mere child bride.  I might add that my step-daughter is only about  4 years younger than I am, so yeah, it's one of those kind of families.
But I digress,
As expected it was a very touching service with some poignant eulogies and music. The church was packed with well heeled white shoe types from the investment business, and families from John Thomas Dye and the Brentwood School,  including the wife of the Governor and her children.  You can't see from this photo but there were so many people who attended that some people had to stand on the sides and at the back of the church. There were even kids sitting on the floor of the middle aisle. 
After the service I skipped the reception at the beach club and went back to my office to wait for my tech guy to make my computer user friendly again...and to feel a rolling 5.4 earthquake.  After my computer finally showed me the love again I walked over to Thomas Keller's Bouchon restaurant at the Montage Hotel for and early dinner with my brother.

We sat on the terrace with the view which was pleasant because it was heated...god knows that there is no heat wave in Southern California.  This could be the coldest July on record.  But with the warmth from the heat lamp behind my chair I was very happy to wind down the day with simple bistro style food.

and Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Now today, plenty to do at the office and another event to attend tonight.  I can't wait for the weekend.
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David Toms said...


a) you look fabulous
b) jewellery is fabulous
c) what a day of memories for you
d) we are still sweltering up here
e) loved the post

Anonymous said...

You look stunning, what a figure!
I wore much the same to the last funeral I went to, minus the sigh inducing jewelery, everyone looked so chic and again similarly, it was the same church that my father's funeral was held at so I kept wafting back to that day. I spent the rest of the day on the couch in pj's.
I haven't been to the Montage yet, I don't think my next trip to LA will be till next year, more's the pity.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just checked, one of my LA chums is the sales director there, he's great fun, now I HAVE to visit!

Kimmy said...

What a whirlwind week you have had. The various emotions must be running rampant within you, I do not know how you are able to remain so calm. I would be flailing about like a salmon on Quaaludes.
But one thing is for sure, you are a most regal lady with a killer figure and exquisite pearls-and you speak of Joanne Woodward being elegant!
I hope your upcoming weekend is calmer, more quiet and sinfully joyous, cheers!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Extremely lovely. :)

LPC said...

Wow. Life is complex, is it not? And, even so, those pearls are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to say ... you look fabulous??

My husband and I have eaten at the Yountville Bouchon three times now. And one week from this very day, we'll be making it a fourth.

Their salt cod beignets are ridiculous, oh my gosh, and sauteed gnocchi?? To. Die. For.

Never had a bad meal there. Never will.

Belle de Ville said...

David: Thank You
Tabitha: Let me know when you are in Beverly Hills and we will meet up at Bouchon.
Kimmy: Yeah, it's been a crazy week. The rest of the summer will be a breeze.
LB Trad: Well, Thank You. That's quite a complement coming from a suave bon vivant like you.
LPC: Yes life is complex, but yet there is great beauty in friends, family, and natural South Sea pearls, one of God's incredible creations.
Luxe: Next time I will try the beignets. Let's just say that I had read such incredible things about Bouchon, that I was a bit disappointed. It was not brasserie Lipp, Flo or Le Gavroche, the one Paris not the one in London.

Wildernesschic said...

You look stunning I love the dress. I adore the jewllery. I am a huge fan of pearls..I will blog one day a necklace I designed and you have an amazing shape girl xxx

Anonymous said...

Belle: I will definitely let you know, alas it will be next year. You are living my dream!

The Preppy Princess said...

Wow. Talk about a day, that one had to have tested many parts of your heart.

To echo sentiments already voiced, you did look stunning, the dress is gorgeous on you, and the South Sea pearls? Simply divine. Amazing.

I am happy tech-man came to fix things, that kind of challenge can aggravate the heck out of anyone.

Sending you a smile... a hug... and continued prayers.

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