Monday, June 7, 2010

The View From Vegas

It is so good to finally be home after the Las Vegas show.
Like any trade show, from any industry,
it all tends to get a bit tedious after a few days. But I must admit that I did enjoy staying at the Bellagio because the view is so expansive that it was relaxing just to look out the window
especially after spending all day long looking at cases like thisand this
where you must look with a very critical eye in order to hone in on exactly what you are seeking to buy.
After studying row after row of cases holding individual items of some exquisite and not so exquisite estate can be visually overwhelmed.
Happily it was all worth it because bought some beautiful estate jewelry.
You will be wanting to check out the What's New and the Signed Designer Jewelry pages on Beladora in the next couple of weeks as we upload our new Buccellati, Chanel, Cartier, Van Cleef, David Webb, Oscar Heyman and Cathy Waterman jewelry.
Then after standing up all day and schmoozing with the dealers...and then waiting for a cab in the 110 degree heat, it was nice to get back to the Bellagio and to sit down at Petrossian for a little aperitif.
And dinner at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Prime Steakhouse, which was waaaay better than Michael Mina. I can even overlook the fact that they served almost raw foie gras, then proceeded to explain to me how foie gras was supposed to be cooked, as if I didn't know. But overall the meal was delicious and the restaurant was full, because apparently there is no recession when you are in Las Vegas.
BTW, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has a blog. That chef is busy!
After dinner it was the Fontana Patio for cognac & cigars. The Bellagio pond looks peaceful in this photo but it was actually really raucous because the famous fountain show goes off about every 10 minutes and lasts for something like 10 minutes. Still, it was so nice after being indoors all day long to sit outside and thanks to Fontana hostess Jing, we got great table every night.

(Can I just say that after staying at the Bellagio for 5 years in a row, the service is excellent. There are employees that recognize me, even though I'm only there for a few days each year, like John at Sensei. Seriously, how amazing is that with all of the thousands of people who stay at that hotel?)
Finally, after being surrounded by crowds all day long it was just so nice to get back to my room and to appreciate the view of Las Vegas but without all the people and noise.
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LPC said...

Looking forward to seeing your new goods!

Deja Pseu said...

We LOVED staying at the Bellagio. It's fabulous. The last trip we stayed at the Wynn Encore, which was also quite nice. Looking forward to seeing the new pieces. I'm wearing my pearls today, they're GORGEOUS!

Couture Carrie said...

Oooooh I love Vegas!
Fabulous pics, darling!
And soooooo cool that JGV has a blog!


metscan said...

Well, it sounds like a tough week! I mean, all that jewelry, the negotiating. Choosing only for yourself would be difficult, but you have to choose, what you believe your customers wish as well. Are there other places you shop at?

Belle de Ville said...

LPC: It was a great buying trip, I'm really happy with what we bought.

PSEU: Yes the Bellagio is fabulous for a huge hotel. I like the Wynn too. I didn't get time last week to check out the new ARIA at City Center but I've heard that it's kind of awesome. The retail area is the most expensive per square foot in the US.

Carrie: I can only take Vegas in small doses, but it can be fun.

Met: is really difficult because I not only do I have to buy what my clients need, I have to buy my inventory at the right price. I can not over pay because my goal is to bring the best estate jewelry to the market at the best price.
Not only do we buy at the big estate shows to the trade, like Las Vegas and Miami, we buy from other dealers and auctions on occasion. Most often we buy from private clients.

The Preppy Princess said...

Love the pictures Miss Belle, and the entire post, perhaps because we share very similar experiences at that hotel, it was always the spot for several meetings/conferences every year and the service has remained superb.

The estate finds sound wonderful, we shall be vigilant in keeping an eye out for them!

Happy week to you,

Savvy Gal said...

i won't leave bellagio without some gelato. : ) A friend was actually at the jewelry show too. It must be fun.

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