Saturday, June 19, 2010

Around Town - Bel Air Magazine Event For Children's Hospital

I totally feel like I've had an all media week...first an interview with an accessories editor of a local luxe magazine, then a meeting with the managing director of a major Asian newspaper, rounded out by last night's party-fundraiser hosted by Bel Air Magazine for Children's Hospital. 
I didn't even know that there was a Bel Air Magazine...I mean seriously, how many high end luxe magazines can the city of Los Angeles support between Angelino, LA Confidential, Genlux, C, and the rest of the high end group.  Well anyhoo, the magazine does exist, and as you can imagine it is full of high end real estate and luxe travel and product ads.  
The event was held at a swanky Bel Air estate which also just happens to be on the market 
for the very small sum of $26 million.  Here's a photo of the house from the MLS.

And here are a couple of photos from my iPhone.  
The views from the veranda and the sunken pool were magnificent but it was all rather surreal and deja-vu-ish as the house was a couple of houses down the hill from my first house in Bel Air, and few houses up the hill from my last house in Bel Air.  And looking around at the items at the silent auction, and then at the majority of the crowd at the party, platinum blonded mini skirted twenty something girls, euro types and associated wanna be's, all I could think of was "there goes the neighborhood"...but you know, in a good way, as it was all for charity.

Naturally, I had no idea what to wear to this type of event, so I stuck with my stalwart Kevan Hall dress from 2 seasons ago, simple black mules, a Karen Millen jacket and vintage Gucci snakeskin bag.
And for jewelry I opted
for yellow and blackened gold flexible tubogas choker necklace and matching bracelets with diamonds, and a big pair of diamond earrings.

Thankfully the weekend is finally here, with no more events planned except for a family barbecue for Father's Day, and I can spend it dressed in my cargo shorts, birkenstocks and t-shirt!
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Wildernesschic said...

Wow what fun, and what a fabulous place to go to. I love your outfit, and the jewellery is stunning ... Glad things are doing so well for Belladora x

Couture Carrie said...

What a fabulous event and manse!
And your jewels are exquisite, darling!


metscan said...

Olalaa! A smashing outfit! Have a relaxing weekend!

LPC said...

Wildly glamorous. And then you just want to take off our shoes. I love it.

The Preppy Princess said...

You *have* had an all-media week Miss Branchée, hopefully the interviewers had done their homework and weren't too tedious.

But what a way to wrap up the week! That is one lovely setting for a party, but what I loved most was your 'there goes the neighborhood' thought, priceless.

Sending you a smile,

Anonymous said...

With all that money sunk into this event, its too bad that the pianist hired for the event wasn't paid one dime for his gorgeous music. And he did NOT donate his time.

Needless to say, this fine musician never received a check or a thank you note from the organizer.

The magazine may be classy but this kind of shabby treatment of an artist is not.

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