Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Weekend Indian Wells Fantasy

It has been such a long cold winter and spring that I just want to jump start summer
with a little weekend getaway to Indian Wells
where I would lay by the pool with a good book
and wear something like this.

Milly Floral Bikini at Neiman Marcus
(is it just me or didn't we all have a bikini like this at summer camp when we were 11?)
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Christina Lindsay said...

I had a bikini just like that! Great colours and thhe Beladora ring is beautiful. I love multi coloured gem stones xx

M.Lane said...

I will! It looks like my kind of place. I'm not much in the swimwear department but I have a great dinner jacket...


vicki archer said...

Happy weekend, I would if I looked that good in that bikini! xv

Jill said...

I had a red bikini with white polka dots when I was little girl. I tan ridiculously dark...the sun's rays went right thru the white dots and naked, I had tan polka dots all I stick to solid colors!

metscan said...

Is the scenery real in the first picture? The colors are so very deep. The ring you have is tempting!

Belle de Ville said...

Christina, isn't it amusing to see the same kind of bikini that you wore as a pre-teen, except the new one costs ten times as much.
Mr. Lane, you bring the dinner jacket, I'll bring the bling and we'll meet for cocktails on the terrace!
Viki, I shamelessly stole some photos from your blog..but I linked to you!
Jill, and I thought that I had bad tan lines when I was young!
Metscan, the scenery is real but I'm pretty sure that the photo was photoshopped.

the Preppy Princess said...

This is great Miss belle, add me to the list of those longing to join you. Sigh. And I am so gullible it is pathetic -- it never occurred to me the picture was photoshopped!

Sending you a big smile,

Miss Cavendish said...

I recall buying a Milly maxi dress(!) with those big rings near each shoulder. But I returned it, as the fabric was droopy, not drapey.

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