Friday, April 30, 2010

Least Influential List of 2010

I am cracking up over this list from
Here are a few of the entries

Dmitri Medvedev President of Russia
Yeah, sure he is.

Giorgio Napolitano President of Italy
He makes decisions, and Silvio Berlusconi ignores them. It's pretty funny.

Toll Brothers Homebuilders
That was a lot of McMansions you built. You'll totally get a segment on I Love the 2000s.

European country Hairy-chested, aggressive with women, charmingly backward — you briefly charmed us with that big, fat wedding. Then you spent so much more money than you made, you forced the E.U. to bail you out. It will be a long time before we watch a movie about you again.

Dick Fuld
The last CEO of Lehman Brothers ever That has to be hard to explain on a résumé.

Happy Friday
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The Preppy Princess said...

Somehow I missed this, it really is very good.

Hope your weekend is divine!

metscan said...

Thanks for sharing this list with us, LOL! Actually I do feel sympathy for Iceland. Such a small country with so little inhabitants, and they have messed the whole Europe. I don´t feel sympathy for Greece though. Have a happy day!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Ha! You make me laugh so much! Loved your comment on my blog about buying your own coats! hysterical! Have a great weekend x

Laguna Beach Trad said...

I would include Time and the rest of the declining US establishment media on that list.

Belle de Ville said...

Prep, this entire list is so clever.
Met, yeah the whole Iceland financial thing is huge for Europe and utterly unknown here in the US. All we care about is the volcano.
Fab, have a great weekend too.
LB, I haven't read anything by Time Inc. in years, but this list was clever.

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