Thursday, March 18, 2010

Skankdom Rules!

So, let me get this straight you are married to this goddess

extremely talented, successful and not exactly a sight for sore eyes
and while she's off doing her job making movies for which she gets paid a fortune

you just can't help but to tap into some of this

because what man wouldn't want to have an 11 month affair with this lovely creature?

Yep, she definitely looks like she was worth that one day a week private time that you shared were lonely because your wife was off filming 'The Blind Side'?
You say your wife wasn't giving you the attention you deserved?

Well, you know it's not as though you were strapped for money and couldn't afford to, you know, to go and visit her. God knows you it's not like you couldn't afford a private friggin jet to fly back east to visit your wife every single weekend that she away working.

And on the topic of skankdom
Is this the video that we want all 10 year olds to watch?
It's not that I object to the song, it's the imagery
especially the Tarentino-esque scene where Lady Gaga and her homegirl Beyonce
murder an entire diner full of people...and a dog

Watch the whole thing and tell me what you think
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M.Lane said...

Don't much care for the video.

As for the guy, his name IS Jesse James isn't it? That should tell you all you really need to know. Bankrobberpornstar name. And probably not his real one either.


Jill said...

Right on, Sistah!!

Regarding the video...I'm just not into dark. And I don't want to have to interpret anything...I'm lazy. But, the part with the guard saying something on the lines of, "see, I told you she doesn't have a dick"...made me laugh.

Wildernesschic said...

Regarding Sandra B... stupid man! She seems a beautiful person to, Havent had time to watch Gaga yet , from what I saw on tv I was shocked at how thin she has gone.. I think maybe my wordless wednesday this week upset her when he didn't want to kiss her apparently she was on hunger strike after wards...

Miss Cavendish said...

I actually didn't finish the video--got to the diner and had enough. But I did, as I noted on my blog, like the two quick sequences of legs and then calves/feet grooving in unison, from a dancerly perspective.

The Townhouselady said...

This upset me to no end. I've always had a big crush on Mr. James and thought that they were "different" from the other Hollywood couples. I honestly thought these two would last.


L said...

I actually really love the Lady Gaga, but I also don't think it is for children.

I really think it is up to parents to decide what is and is not appropriate for their own children. And most should realise Lady Gaga is pushing the envelope when it comes to adult situations and commentary on sexuality. I don't think mainstream pop has to be kid and family friendly, and I don't understand why people expect that it will?

Belle de Ville said...

L, I agree with you that there is no reason why mainstream pop has to be kid and family friendly. do watch these videos because parents don't oversee what their children watch.

Belle de Ville said...

And L welcome to BHB!

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