Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organizational Strategy

This is what happens when you get inspired by reading blogs and seeing everyone else's perfectly organized interiors...yeah thanks Jill for showing me that new closet...
I've been busy the last 4 days with a home project that has amounted to no less than an organizational geometry problem. This project involved fitting various objects of various shapes into defined spaces of completly different shapes and trying to make everything fit.
Let's just say that this exercise has resulted in my coming up with the household theorem that will eventually lead up to the solution to my lack of space.
So here's the simple equation
A = accessories
B = bags
C = clothes
SWC = space in walk in closet
A + B + C > SWC
First Theorem of Household Organization: For every additional accessory, bag or item of clothing that I buy I will need to get rid of 2 existing items.
(A-2A) + (B-2B) + (C-2C) < swc =" personal contentment">
Note: this theorem is applicable to every interior space, not just closets
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Oh dear. Now I know you are a genius for sure. I need to tell the Association of Image Consultants International there is actually a FORMULA for this stuff.

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