Sunday, March 28, 2010

Air - The Best Concert That I'm Not Going To See

Tickets for today's Air concert at Disney Concert Hall at the Music Center in Los Angeles sold out within a few hours.
Air - ultimate in Lounge musique à la Francaise
Here is the Air youtube channel
Luckily, I can listen to Air on my ipod and avoid the crowd.
Here's a little Air for you

Happy Sunday
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Sher said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that! Played everyone of them :)

North West London Girl said...

Superb. I will miss you while I'm away xxx

Anonymous said...

I'll check it out but the best concert I'm not going to is tomorrow at Staples, the BEP!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay. This stuff is great if you need a lullaby. ZZZZZZZ

Belle de Ville said...'s's supposed to be zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Love Air, one of the best bands to both see live and listen to at home ;-)

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