Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Find Value - Know What You're Buying

Vintage Jadeite Brooch in 18K on Beladora2.com $895

Now that we are on countdown to Valentines Day I want to recommend two excellent posts by our intrepid Canadian blogger, Duchesse at Passages des Perles, on getting value from your jewelry purchases.

Buying Jewelry, part one: The Components of Value
Buying Jewelry, part two: What is 'Overpriced'

I could go into a long post about this subject but Duchesse covered all the points beautifully.

Because she has kindly mentioned Beladora.com as one of many quality jewelers in her well written post, her blog has gone onto the Recommended Websites on the Beladora Press page.

If you've mentioned Beladora on your blog, hopefully in a good way, Beladora would like to link to your blog. Please let me know.

Beladora has been working on its in house affiliate program. Yeah we know about commission junction and all the rest of the firms that manage these things but we are reluctant to get into one of these corporate programs because of the costs involved. We would rather pay commissions directly to our affiliates than spend money on the sign up fees and additional charges that would add additional expenses. Team Beladora runs a very tight ship (yeah it's like three people working in an office the size of Jill's closet but not as well designed) because we want to keep expenses down...and keeping expenses down keeps our jewelry prices low.

Also, I want to mention the Already Pretty blog that you have probably already read with the great post on What To Do With Brooches. I'm a huge fan of vintage brooches and wear them myself and I want to encourage you to consider wearing vintage brooches. They aren't just a piece of jewelry for grandmothers.
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LPC said...

Wendy - Did my post on Privilege about Wearing Simple Pearls Studs With A Simple Strand fit your criteria? I used Beladora pearls as the key example for how to punk up your earrings:).http://bit.ly/90MiF9

LPC said...

Aaaaaargh. Old age strikes again. Nancy. My apologies. Please delete my comment if you care to. My bad memory is no reflection on my admiration for your jewels.

Belle de Ville said...

Lisa, I've put your Logo Art and direct link on our recommended websites on our press page on Beladora.com.

LPC said...

Thank you and repeated apologies for memory lapses. Those pearl cluster earrings were a particular hit with the young professionals in the Northeast.

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