Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marc Jacobs Brings Us The Ugliest It Bag...Ever

Words fail me when I look at this LV bag. It is so hideous that it leaves me speechless.
But the Mail Online has plenty to say about it
Yours for £26,000: The most hideous It Bag ever made

There was me thinking we'd got over It - our addiction to It bags - and then up pops Posh with her £24,740 bordeaux porosus crocodile Birkin.
Before you knew it, the fashion industry had spawned a plague of the ugliest, silliest, most outrageously priced It bags imaginable.
What drugs do you have to be on to design a bag that looks like it's made of material from a Seventies council estate sofa, fossilised witchetty grubs and more cheap leather tassels than a rodeo beauty pageant?

What is not kind and must be some kind of joke (along the lines of: let's design the most hideous bag any woman has ever carried and call it cutting-edge fashion) is the £26,000 they're charging for it.
As Marc Jacobs says, there are Louis Vuitton addicts so desperate that they'll buy any old junk they 'design', however hideous. And junk it is.
Go read the rest of the article for some other really hideous bags that also cost a bundle.

It always makes me wonder, who buys these bags? Surely more women that Posh are buying these things because you can't make a market on one client alone....even if it is Posh.

And now for something completely different.
A Valentines Day suggestion

At approximately 1/10th the cost of the uglyLouis Vuitton bag....vintage Van Cleef.
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Wildernesschic said...

The bag reminds me of "The Predator"in film of same name. The pendant however is exquisite x

Christa Weil said...

Health and safety hazard it is too--those princess phone cords might get caught in a revolving door, OMG he's laughing all the way to the bank, I swear.

metscan said...

Hi again! I read your post and then the other one too. I never can/could/will understand this MJ guy. Are we really this foolish to be fooled by his creations? I simply won´t waste my words on the `thing´. Victoria B. should seek help from some shrink or someone. I have seen to many pictures of her on her way to ???? Seeing all those Hermes bags toted by her and now hearing the amount of them--------I feel like vomiting.

North West London Girl said...

I was in Louis Vuitton only yesterday while in London, and I felt quite dismayed at the sight of all these ghastly coloured, shining, trashy, flashy bags. I turned around and walked out feeling that the label that once spoke of style and elegance has clearly lost track...

Belle de Ville said...

Wildernesschic: In a weird way I thought the same thing.
Christa: Not just MJ but Bernard Arnault too. The conempt shown by MJ at LV makes me not want to buy any of the products by any of the LVMH brands.
London Girl: Seriously, when you were store was anyone actually buying anything?
Metscan: Good question about Posh. Where is she going with her big Hermes. We are not fooled by MJ, but there's a world of women out there who are.

Sher said...

I would rather spend 26,000 on jewelry ;)

Love that necklace! I'm window shopping to treat myself ;)

Michael St. James said...

What the fug?!?

Belle de Ville said...

Sher, oh yeah...26 thousand pounds very poorly spent. I'd rather have jewelry.
Michael, what the fug is right!

Miss Cavendish said...

The bag is truly a monstrosity. I especially dislike all the little telephone cords jutting out like ugly tentacles. There's a case of the Emperor's New Clothes going on here . . .

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