Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jewelry Biz - The Miami Beach Estate Jewelry Show

Happily I'm home for the Miami Beach Antiques and Estate Jewelry Show
and I do now understand the appeal of Miami

the weather was warm and tropical
the beaches were white and the water was turquoise

I was sorely tempted to spend my days in a chaise lounge next to the pool at the Loews Hotel or on lying on the sand on the adjacent beach
but this is what I was up to

looking at piece after piece of estate jewelry like this David Webb gold link bracelet with diamonds
and this Tiffany gemstone bracelet by Paloma Picasso

and this Tiffany "XO" cuff bracelet

So did I buy any of these gorgeous bracelets?
No I did not.
Prices were ridiculously high at this show
to the point where dealer to dealer trade prices were in most cases higher than what Beladora charges for the same jewelry.
For example, this Retro gold bracelet priced at $4650 on would have cost me at least $2000 more to buy with a trade price from a NY dealer at the show.

But overall the trip wasn't a loss
I did manage to find a few nice pieces and I reconnected with some of the dealers that I like to do business with.
And I got to see the fabulous South Beach scene and Art Deco architecture at night

and have drinks in a poolside cabana at the way hip Delano Hotel

But mostly it was long days at the show and then early dinners at the Loews hotel followed by discussion of the day's events with cognac and cigars for the gentlemen and a glass of Cabernet for me outside on the terrace where the palms were swaying in the tropical wind.
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Wildernesschic said...

God Miami is glamorous lovely work if you can get it x

Jill said...

palms swaying in the tropical wind...sigh

Belle de Ville said...

After this trip I want to go on a vacation to the Keys.

Sher said...

Yes! the Keys ;D

Anonymous said...

Man, I want my business to take me to South Beach. Love all the pieces but like that Beladora is so competitive.

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