Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Holiday Offer

One of the problems with getting on an email list is the constant barrage of email.
Take Bluefly for example. I get about 5 emails from them a day.
Naturally I get Gilt and Hautelook emails everyday too, but they do time based flash sales so I understand the need for daily communication.
But what about Nieman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and the rest of the stores whose mailing list I find myself on....isn't their email one step away from the viagra spam that I get everyday too?

At Beladora we didn't want to become that annoying store that is always popping up in your inbox. Jewelry isn't something that you purchase daily. It tends to be an occasion based product, so we don't have a daily, weekly or even a monthly email marketing strategy.

But this year we sent these email cards to our clients with a special offer of 15% off on all jewelry over $1500.
I think that the cards came out quite nice, don't you?
And, I like to extend our Holiday discount offer to all of you
because after faithfully reading BHB
you definitely qualify as 'friends and family'

The discount code is HOLIDAY09
and it is good until the end of the month
You might have a special birthday or anniversary coming up
or maybe you've had a your eye on something special for a while
so come on over to and
and tell your friends!
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