Sunday, December 20, 2009

For Friends In Cold Climates

I have to admit that I secretly envy my many friends who will have snow for Christmas
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Sher said...

I'm posting snow pictures tomorrow

Inspiration in Italy said...

No snow here...and previously when I lived in San Diego, obviously no snow! Although where I grew up we typically had snow every year...definitely magical :)


Jill said...

Me too. I wish we had had our snow closer to Christmas. I'm sure everyone on the East Coast doesn't agree.

Keith said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I greatly appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed my Elvis Christmas post. I wanted to let you know that I'm having trouble with my internet access right now. I may not be online as much, but I did want to visit your blog. I hope you will have a great week. Cheers!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I have plenty to go around. Want me to ship you a truckload or two?

The Townhouselady said...

We had our big progressive block party dinner on Saturday night as the snow was coming down blizzard style. It was very pretty. The best part, while most everyone on the block was sleeping in late nursing hangovers someone took it upon themselves to shovel down the entire block. Everyone woke up to clear sidewalks.

Now that's the true spirit of the season!

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