Wednesday, December 2, 2009

4th Quarter Blues Get Blind Sided

Black Friday...whatever
Cyber Monday...ho hum
Who knew that the rest of the week would be the week from hell.

I'm not sure if it was the photography issues, the technology issues
or the personality issues that frustrated me the most.
(There might have even been some snapping, on my part, at a colleague when boundaries weren't respected)

When I was a young married mom, a lifetime ago, I could never understand why my husband would come home from work and pour himself a generous Bombay martini...or two.
Now I get home and wish that I could come home and chill out with a martini of my own!

How can a day or two at the office be so stressful. Let's face it, it's not like what I do is rocket science. In addition, the stress was caused by something that is actually really awesome, but trying to meet a deadline when the systems go awry has been just enough to put me on edge. I like to under promise and over perform and it pisses me off royally when I can't do this.

In addition, the pressure of the 4th quarter is so great that the intensity level is ratcheted up. So much needs to get done and I have no patience for nonsense.

Luckily I went to see "The Blind Side" last weekend, an incredible film with an enduring message, that has helped me put all my silly office issues into perspective.
If you haven't already seen it take the time this weekend to go see it.

It is a deeply moving story (bring kleenex) and beautifully acted.

True tales like "The Blind Side" show us how the actions of just one person or family can change the life of someone who lives with adversity.

It makes me think that the dreaded 4th quarter should be a little less about the bottom line and a little more about what we can do to help other people achieve their potential.

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