Sunday, December 6, 2009

2010 Calendar Girls - From Paris To Palo Alto

Euro fashion blogger Maison Chaplin brought us pics from the new 2010 Calendar by French Vogue

Question: What exactly is French Vogue trying to portray?
A. High Fashion
B. Crazy Horse Naughtiness
C. Sleazy Strippers

And isn't there a pole missing from these photos?

When did French Vogue slip
editorially speaking
into Maxim hot girls territory?

If I read another post about how chic the French are...versus everyone else
I'm just going to have to link to this post
because while this Vogue produced calendar may be many things
it certainly isn't chic
Another 2010 Calendar in the fashion blogosphere this week
is this one produced by Charity Fashion Show
and Art Directed by fashion blogger Glamorous Eccentric

So maybe it isn't quite as sleek in terms of production value as the one by French Vogue
But considering that the models are all Stanford students, this calendar shows a nice representation of beauty, brains and diversity.
Well done
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WendyB said...

"If I read another post about how chic the French are...versus everyone else" -- LOL. Oh, I'm SO over that. The only time I see terribly chic people in Paris is during the shows when they import them from elsewhere! Now the MIlanese...they're chic.

Keith said...

Hey there. How are you? I hope you had a great weekend. I really like your blog. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, you said it sister.
All this blah, blah, blah about the French...has anyone taken a close look at Hamburg, Zurich or Bologna...I'll take the Germans, the Swiss and the Italians over the French any day when it comes to style.
Keith, thanks for stopping by.
I love your blog, it's super cool!

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