Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Primer on Pearls à la Duchesse

If you haven't already read the two part primer on pearls by la Duchesse
I encourage you to go and read these posts
Not only can she write
she really knows her stuff

Buying Pearls, part one
Buying Pearls, part two

She explains different types, Japanese, Chinese Freshwater and South Sea
and what you should look for when you buy them with a focus on quality.

Here's a pile of Chinese pearls with nice luster but uneven color and shapes
(they look better in real life than in this photo)
I wear two or three of these long strands when I am going for the Coco Chanel look

For the record, she discusses pearls when they are shown on black velvet
and she is perfectly correct that you should always check your pearls against white
but it is extraordinarily difficult to photograph pearls when they are not on a black surface.
so you will often see them in photographs on black, grey or blue

All of her tips hold true when you are purchasing not only new strands
but pre-owned pearls like these.
I especially like the vintage 7 strand necklace and matching earrings in this photo
and these and plenty more can be found at all price points
on and

She also discusses the finest of pearls, South Sea pearls which I adore
But true connoisseurs collect natural pearls like these.

I love pearls and have worn them since I was quite young, even when they were out of fashion. My first nice jewelry gift was an opera length strand of Mikimoto pearls. They are still around but now on a 5 strand bracelet.
Like fine quality gems, they last for a lifetime...if you take care of them.
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belle in arms said...

ah Pearls, I also wear them when going for the chanel look since it is timeless and beautiful. I enjoyed reading this, will consider it when purchasing new ones.


Timeless Fashion... said...

This is such a great and informative post.

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