Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NY Recap - Dining at DBGB

Having only a limited amount of free time in NY last week, I did much more in an average day there than I would do here. But since NY has a way of energizing you the day seemed easy.

So after the visiting the Morgan Library my friend and I headed downtown to SoHo where there was such a completely different vibe than in Mid-Town. After that feeling of claustrophobia from being surrounded by the huge Mid-Town buildings it was nice to walk around in a neighborhood of low buildings and more open space...even if the area was tawdry.

Being in a New York-y state of mind, we decided to stop at a local movie theater and see this film. It was an interesting group of shorts by different directors with an ensemble cast in vignettes that were cleverly woven together. It was the perfect film to watch in NY.
If you haven't see it, here's the trailer.

After the movie we wandered up Bowery to have dinner at Daniel Boulud's DBGB Kitchen & Bar, and like Boulud's other restaurants, it did not disappoint.
A casual restaurant with a bistro menu listing three pages of beers and ales...which impressed me even though I wouldn't know the difference between Bud Light and a Belgian Ale.

We sat in the bar area, which was way more lively than the restaurant in the back
and this was for dinner

roasted marrow

and blood sausage on a potato puree
exactly what I would have ordered on a cold winter night in France

My friend was not about to go all francais with the blood sausage so he ordered something traditional

Ignoring the vast list of beers and ales, I went for the Train Wreck Zinfandel from Schrader Cellars which was served by the glass.
It was a fabulous dinner and very reasonably priced for New York.
When is Daniel Boulud going to open a bistro in Brentwood?
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Jill said...

I knew I liked you! I don't have many girlfriends willing to eat bone marrow. I LOVE it! I'm sure you could tell the difference between beers! I'm not much of a beer drinker, but the good ones I enjoy once in a while. Have one of your children give you a blind taste test!

Belle de Ville said...

Jill, roasted marrow bone is so good, but so hard to find outside of France.
But...if I come down wiht Mad Cow desease, you'll know why...

The Townhouselady said...

I wish I could eat at his establishments more frequently but whenever I do it's always divine.

My gran in England used to serve us roasted marrow straight from her old wood burning Rayburn stove.

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