Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dancing With The Stars With Diamonds

I know that I've mentioned before that for the last two seasons Beladora has been providing jewelry for Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba. Well this season Beladora has continued bejewelling Carrie Ann as well as for Samantha Harris.

Here's Samantha in some big bling from a couple of weeks ago looking every bit the goddess.
(damn, I want that silver sliver of a dress!)
And here is the detail photo with the serious emeralds and diamond earrings and ring and with Art Deco bracelets.
If you are happen to get a chance to see the season finale show tonight, check out Samantha's jewelry.
Oh, and lest you think that this sparkly stuff is just for show, let me say for the record that it is all for sale.
All offers will be seriously considered.
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Deja Pseu said...

Dazzling! That's some really show-stopping jewelry.

Belle de Ville said...

Pseu: Beladora has jewelry from below $500 to the big show stopping stuff.
Estate jewelry is for everyone...not just pricesses and celebrities on the red carpet.

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