Sunday, October 4, 2009

Akris Accessories - Do We Need Them?

Do you ever get to the point where you just think that there is too much product out there?
Really, how many brands of handbags do we need?

From the WSJ
Akris Debuts Its Accessories Line
Albert Kriemler is known for delivering elegant vertical, architectural lines in his clothes, making them of the most expensive fabrics possible in Switzerland, and selling them like crazy. Family-owned Akris’s clothes, which he designs, outsell Armani at many department stores.

So it will be very, very interesting to see how his handbags, belts and shoes sell. In a surprise decision several months ago, Akris announced that it will produce accessories. Last fall, Kriemler insisted to me that he had no plans for accessories — despite the allure of their higher profit margins. Then he caved.

Accessories, make-up and perfume...for the sellers it's all about margins
for the buyers it's all about getting a piece of the brand for less money
You can't afford Dior couture?
No problem, just spritz yourself with Dior perfume and feel the Diorescenceness of it all

Akris is a great line, probably because the designs are tasteful and more importantly wearable, if you can afford a couple of thousand for a dress, but did they need to create yet another line of overpriced handbags.

Would you buy an Akris bag over a Balenciaga bag?
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Sher said...

The strongest will survive. It's all about the marketing concept.

karinnska said...

The bulky shapes, giant shiny charms, random zippers, decorative hardware, grommets, leather ruffles and rosettes, garish colors and top-stitching I see in contemporary high-end bags fail to entice me. If this bag is representative of the new Akris line:

then there's no contest. And NO LOGOS! How refreshing!

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