Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Politics and Glamour Post Camelot

Virginia Postrel, author and editor of DeepGlamour.net
has recently published
In an age of cynicism and full disclosure, political glamour is a rarity--not because politicians lack good looks or wealth or celebrity but because we know too much about them. We too easily see their flaws and imagine even more than the flaws we do see.
Despite what the fashion-magazine cover blurbs suggest, glamour is not a matter of style but of psychology. It is an imaginative exchange, in which an audience projects its longings onto the glamorous object and sees in that person, place or thing the fulfillment of those desires. By binding image and desire, glamour gives us pleasure, even as it heightens our yearning.
Which got me to wondering...will there ever be another political dynasty that will be as glamorous as the Kennedy clan?
If glamour requires mystery and illusion, could there be even be another Camelot given the lack of privacy now?
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Couture Carrie said...

Great pic and query, darling.... I think the answer is, as you suggest, no....


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