Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Fashion - A Visual Assault

Here's a few pics and prose from New York Magazine's
Best and Worst of August Fashion Magazines

...because I just needed to share

Worst Denim — Nylon
The effort to do something different with denim intensified this month to an alarming degree. Surely a plain pair of jeans isn't so odious next to these monstrosities.

Best Indication of Future Pole Dance — Miley Cyrus in Elle
Miley wears over-the-knee boots and a minidress by Rodarte on the left, and a William Rast studded leather jacket with Alexander Wang booties and leggings on the right. How does a 16-year-old starlet evolve from that without a stripper pole?

Worst Ad — Diesel
It's unclear whether the feather duster is actually tickling her or pushing her out of the frame and into a shower. The only thing wild about our friend on the right is probably the 1-900 call he's on.

How is it that people get paid to come up with this stuff?
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Savvy Gal said...

they are getting paid for creating publicity??? good or bad.... : ) sometimes i do wonder what are they thinking.

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