Friday, August 28, 2009

Spain 2009 - Dinner in Chipiona

Whenever I travel I want to go out to dinner with the locals because they know where the cuisine is the best...especially when the locals are the owners of a major vineyard or bodega.

So obviously I was more than please to be invited out to dinner by the Ferris family who own the J. Ferris M. Winery which produces not only some of the worlds finest sherry, but some truly delicious red wine or tinto.

The bodega, which the Ferris brothers were kind enough to give me a private tour of last summer, is located in the Jerez de la Frontera region of Spain, where the world's sherry production comes from.
Of course sherry isn't just the Harvey's Bristol Cream that your grandmother or great aunt may have offered you a sip of years ago.
Sherry can range from Fino or Manzanilla, a sharp, almost metallic white wine perfect for seafood dishes to Amontillado, a rich thick nutty tasting amber colored wine, perfect for a desert.
Here's my previous BHB post on sherry.

I've always found that people in the wine industry are serious about their food, so I was only so happy to be invited to join Pepe Ferris and his wife Nieves, with their son Juan Carlos, daughter Nievecita and son-in-law Nono, who are good friends of my brother. Not only were they absolutely chic and gorgeous people, they were so much fun and we laughed throughout the entire meal.

The restaurant was a fabulous place right on the water in the town of Chipiona specializing in seafood. Steamed giant shrimp (good except that I politely declined the sucking out the head part), cockles cooked in a white wine and garlic cream sauce, grilled red peppers and grilled fresh fish were all on the menu.

We sat on the terrace and had an expansive view but there were also tables were set up right on the romantic....which reminded me so much of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

And look how lovely the sunset was.
More to come...but now off to work.
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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, your description of the different kind of sherry had my mouth watering...pregnancy...I've got serious wine cravings today!!!
I'm not afraid to indulge in a few sips but I want to nurse a bottle or two over a 3 hour meal - ya know!

Belle de Ville said...

Farmgirl...luckily pregnancy only lasts a few months...then you get nursing and beer!
I didn't take even as much as a sip when I was pregnant...but I'm pretty sure that my mother drank martinis and smoked when she was carrying me! I guess that accounts for the kind of party girl that I turned out to be!

Couture Carrie said...

What a wonderful experience, darling ~ thank you for sharing it! I simply must get back to Southern Spain asap!


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