Saturday, August 29, 2009

Around Town - Fire Season In Full Force

Here are the photos that I just took of the view from West Los Angeles of the smoke from the massive out of control fire just east of LA.
There are huge fires all over the State.
It's ugly out there.
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lombok island said...

wow big fire

Belle de Ville said...

Last night we could see flames on the hills...and the fire isn't even close to us. incredible.

Jill said...

That is ridiculously frightening.

Belle de Ville said...

It's really bad. I feel so bad for everyone and all the animals that have been affected by it.
It's so very hot here and those firefighters are working under such difficult conditions.
They are awesome.
Meanwhile, I spent the day at Laguna Beach where the weather is lovely.

WendyB said...

Good lord!

Belle de Ville said...

Last night sitting at my desk I could see the flames on the hills to the east of downtown Los Angeles...and I live way on the other side of town. The fire was so huge that at night you could see the flames from the Newport Coast Road in Newport Beach!

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