Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial or Fiasco in a Financial Crisis

Guess who I saw at my very first concert?
Yep, you guessed it, it was the Jackson Five when I was so young that my parents had to take me to the concert. Michael Jackson was a child then too, but what a child he was...so talented and funny and sweet.
Decades later it is indeed sad to think that this high voiced child singer with the big smile turned into a celebrity freak with such a huge fortune that he could get away with things better left unsaid.

The estate estimated at $500 million, diminished somewhat in the past by mismanagement, legal fees and payoffs, is certainly still large enough to generate millions in annual revenue.

So why does the City of Los Angeles with a shortfall of $530 million get hit with picking up the tab of approximately $4 million for the memorial service at Staples Center.
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La Belette Rouge said...

It seems absurd to me that the City of L.A. should pick up the bill. I just don't understand the logic for it. Teachers are getting fired; important social service are underfunded and Cal is sending out IOUs. The priorities seem all cattywampus.

StyleSpy said...

Yeah, this is a head-scratcher of epic proportions, and I can't help thinking a very, very bad idea.

Belle de Ville said...

In addition, On July 1st the City of Los Angeles raised the sales tax for the second time in 6 months which of course is terrible for local businesses.
Meanwhile the city foots the bill for a pedaphile.

miss cavendish said...

Sounds like a great first concert to see. My very first concert was Johnny Cash (!) when I was but a wee lass on PEI.

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