Friday, June 5, 2009

Music - Joanna Newsom and the Y's Street Band - Colleen

Doesn't she sound weirdly like a young Kate Bush?

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karinnska said...

Wow... do I hear "The Kick Inside"? Thanks for sharing this, and for all your cultural tip-offs.

Belle de Ville said... matter how much I try to keep this blog on topic...I can't help but veer off onto all kinds of tangents...including music.
And...if I will shamelessly steal from other blogs if I have to...with credit to the bloggers of course.
My daughter, who has eclectic taste in music and all other things, turned me on to Joanna Newsom.

miss cavendish said...

Very Kate Bush (love "Wuthering Heights" still). And I confess that when I first heard Tori Amos' debut album, I thought she was KB.

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