Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Lady Fashion Faux Pas - Michelle Off The Mark

Can someone please tell me how our First Lady goes from this

to this
The Daily Mail may call it "confident off-duty chic"
but I call it a First Lady Fashion Faux Pas
both unflattering and in bad taste
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WendyB said...

Oh my! I guess we all have our off days. You should see me right now!

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, I would describe your look at "surgery chic"!

L said...

That is just not good. Where is the macaroni necklace? Maybe the kids made it with flowers and a glue gun and she felt obligated to wear it?

Belle de Ville said...

L, if you had every virtually American designer clamoring to get you to wear their clothes, don't you think that she could up with with an outfit that was a little more dignified and flattering.

Now as a public person she is going to be photgraphed whenever she is out in public. I expect her to dress accordingly.

She should wear the art project outfit at home with the kids.

Anonymous said...

LOL the macaroni necklace!!! Man, Michele must REALLY love emphasizing her wide hips!Looks like she's on a horizontal high!

Belle de Ville said...

Maybe Michelle needs to revisit the 3 color rule.

Jill said...

Did she forget to take off the apron? What is that?! I'm gone for 5 days and miss all kinds of shit. Did you know Chastity Bono is going to be a dude?!

Belle de Ville said...

Chasity Bono's sex change.
David Carradine's nasty sex death.
Celebrity nonsense never stops!

miss cavendish said...

A definite mistake--too bad she had to make it in front of so many cameras!

hollarback said...

Oh for cripes sake, cut the woman some slack. If I was her I would start going out in velour sweatsuits and other horrors just to watch the heads of the self appointed style police explode.

Not a fan of this look, but really...did anyone die?


Belle de Ville said...

Did anyone die...obviously no.
But, business is the business of America, and I expect our First Lady, who has incredible style, to look her very best when she knows that she is in the public a foreign country no less.
Michelle represents!

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