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Dr. Helen - On The Down Low

Around the fashion blogosphere there's plenty of posting and commentary back and forth about everything from vintage ossie clark (wendy b) to brand new balenciaga (style spy) to the greenness of vintage (zuburbia) to scarves by hermes (une femme) to strappy shoes (miss cavendish) to looks of the day (stella's roar) to all around style (of a certain age). Jump out of this little group of bloggers and we've got the brilliant bag snob girls, second city style, the coveted, the glam media girls, the daily candy girls and last but not least the incomparable fug girls.
I peruse all these blogs regularly, including the comments, and while I do see disagreement over fashion and trends, and some gentle ribbing, I never see anything truly nasty.

Dr. Helen, wife of uber blogger Glenn Reynolds asked in a post today
Low-rise pants: What's the verdict?

Since Dr. Helen mostly writes about men's rights, it doesn't surprise me that most of her commenters are men....But what does surprise is how the low rise debate quickly morphed into a discussion on women's tattoos, including the famous "tramp stamp".

Here's one comment

Women are attracted to tattoos the same way they are attracted to anything that is effortless and has zero imagination. Anyone can with 50.00 and poor judgement can get a tattoo.

What takes effort is character, humor, wit, charm, ethics, and accountability. Men find all of these traits very attractive in women, but as in all other areas of life, women want an effortless, consequence free lifestyle, thus all the sour women with no corresponding intelligence to the world they live in we see today with the personality traits of cardboard living utterly empty, fruitless, soul dead lives.

And ladies, you can cut the crap with the fake front of how your lives are so 'fulfulling' and that you're just so 'happy.' That may work on other women, but we as men can spot that snowjob a mile away. And a tattoo only gives an early warning before you open your mouth. I suppose tattoos are significant after all.. they symbolize an empty, meaningless life going nowhere because of bad genetics. It's like letting the world know up front, "Hey, I make a lot of bad choices."

Now I don't have any tattoos, and I don't particularly like them
but whoa dude...take it down a notch.

What's your opinion on low rise jeans....has the trend finally run its course?
What do you think about tattoos....would you get a tattoo?
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Jill said...

I have no tattoos and I've never been tempted. I do know that my male friends tend to have preconceived ideas about women who do have tattoos..
I love low rise jeans...not the ones with the tiny little inseam that show all sorts of butt cleavage. I am very short waisted, so when low rise became popular I was in heaven. They make my waist look longer and my ass look smaller! Before that, I used to steal my step-brothers Levi's. I treated them like gold. They fit me perfectly and rode lower on my hips.

miss cavendish said...

For me, at 43, low-rise jeans would be mutton trying to look like lamb. But that's me, and I'll bet that other women my age could and would wear these well.

As for tattoos, I remember in grad school when they were the rage. I'm glad that I didn't get one, because I've moved into a less marked aesthetic (barely any jewelry, clean lines) and a tattoo would add more clutter than I'd like.

Belle de Ville said...

I think that it would be nice to have jeans that come in low, medium and normal rise just like clothes come in petit, regular and plus size. The rise that is flattering depends on one's individual shape.
In low rise I too tend to look more like mutton than lamb. I tend to wear skirts.
I'm happy that I missed the whole tattoo thing. When I see them on women of a certian age it just makes me wince.

WendyB said...

I think low-rise is fine for other people -- I was never a fan of it. During the years when low-rise, bootleg jeans were the ONLY cut available, I only had one pair of jeans. Now that there's more diversity in styles, I have lots! Personally I have no tattoos and am not particularly keen on them. If I wouldn't want the same hairstyle, clothing, or jewelry every day for the rest of my life, why would I want something permanent on my skin? Eek. I do like it when people go all the way and get the big work-of-art sleeve tattoos like Gala Darling has. I find that much more interesting than the "tramp stamp." As for that comment, someone has some serious issues! Why so angry, LITTLE man?

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, the best comment on the Dr. Helen thread was by a guy who called the lower back tattoo "ass antlers" It kinda reminded me of ass flowers.

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