Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Bet On Beauty In A Bottle Unless It's Botox (or Retin A)

Do we get more out of magazines like More?
I was thinking about the subject after reading this post by Miss Cavendish and reading what image consultant Karen at Of A Certain Age posted an article about her dissatisfaction with More this week.
Her pet peeve is why do these magazine show outfits that we can only afford to knock off instead of showing outfits that we can actually afford.
Don't make me knock off your expensive fashions, just show me ones that I really can afford, please! Oh! And while you're at it, how to wear them in my real life!
With so many articles about beauty products, particularly about those that buy ad space, can we believe anything that is written?
I don't read More, but I do glance at Vogue, Bazaar, W, Elle, Marie Claire, Lucky and In Style every month to see fashion and jewelry trends. But glance is the key word here.
And I totally ignore articles promoting beauty products.

I have always been skeptical of any cream, lotion or gel that claims to make you younger looking. Aging of course is genetic and perhaps the only way to slow down the process is to live a healthy lifestyle an avoid sun damage. No matter how much you spend on products like La Mer you're not going to change your DNA.
I spent my childhood in Southern California, except for one short year in Southeast Asia, and this was back in the days before sunscreen, when a tan was considered healthy. Of course I was out in the sun all the time.
So now I'm on a regime of sunscreen and Retin-A and when the time comes there will be appointments with my own Dr. Dreamy, Dr. David Sayah who has the loveliest way of saying "we can do something about those jowls"...."yeah, oh great, thanks maybe later".
The Center Epiderme at Frederic Fekkai on Rodeo Drive is Dr. Sayah's salon center for non surgical procedures and I'm thinking about investing in laser treatment. I know that it won't change my DNA but I think that it will be a better investment than $150 face cream.
Question: Has anyone tried an IPL Photofacial and if so what were the results?

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s. said...

yup - I had IPL and it made a few (very few) of my freckles disappear. I definitely looked better but it was not a radical change.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

IPL results really depend on how sun damaged you are, i had very little sun damage but honestly my posres are tighter and i have a more even tone after one treatment. be prepard however, it brings the damage to the surface and it looks like little pepper flecks all over for about 2 weeks so dont do it before a big night out
also use the numbing cream, i didnt and it hurt

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