Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dior Diamonds Disappear But Laughing Lohan Not On The Lam

From the Daily Mail
Police probe as £250,000 Dior diamonds worn by Lindsay Lohan in photoshoot vanish

Lindsay Lohan will be 'happy to co-operate' with police investigating a £250,000 alleged jewellery theft, her spokesman said today.
The 22-year-old actress may be questioned by Scotland Yard about the gems, which went missing after she modelled them during a London photoshoot.

Jewellery is often loaned out for big celebrities to wear on fashion shoots.
A source said: 'Police are working out who had them when they went missing. People at Dior are very upset. It's an embarrassment to the mag.'

Fashion magazine Elle said in a statement that it had no reason to believe that Lohan was in any way linked to the alleged theft.
Yesterday, Lindsay didn't seem worried by the controversy as she updated her Twitter page with a topless photo of herself, with her blonde extensions covering her breasts.
She told her followers: 'OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored.'

Having lent out jewelry for photo shoots from time to time can I make a suggestion to Christian Dior?

Send one of your peeps along on the shoot to keep an eye on the goods.

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Jill said...

She did take off with a fur coat once that wasn't hers!

Belle de Ville said...

She also took some jewelry.
This is a girl with serious issues.

WendyB said...

Remember when she "lost" her handbag with jewelry in it after the Venice Film Festival a few years ago? Then she found it the next day or so? Well, of course, if you lose your bag, you cancel all your credit cards. Once she did that, she returned damaged jewelry to the lenders and they couldn't run her card, at least at the store that loaned her my diamond bangle. They finally forced her to reimburse them but it was months later.

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