Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beladora For The Beauty Shoot

Gorgeous girls, a talented fashion photographer, a chic fashion stylist
and vintage estate jewelry from
and this is what you get
The Moulin Rouge beauty shoot
which you can read about at the Fashion Photography Blog

And here's the video about the beauty shoot

Beauty Story from Melissa Rodwell on Vimeo.

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Jill said...

Beautiful photos!

Belle de Ville said...

Yeah Jill, aren't they awesome. The video is great too because it shows the photographer at work.
I'm having all kinds of trouble with this post though...a typo because I wasn't wearing my glasses and an embed issur with the video...of the trials and tribulations of blogging!

La Belette Rouge said...

LOVE how in the second to last photo the eye was framed. These really are gorgeous photos!

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy B, what happened to your comment. Did I accidently delete it?
Not only was the photographer great, Angela Aaron the Stylist did an incredible job. The whole Moulin Rouge thing with the little hats and theatrical make-up was her idea.

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