Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angelina Jolie - Glamour Icon and Goddess of the UnAttainable I'll come out and admit that I'm an unrepentant fan of Angelina Jolie, the poster girl for getting it all....the career, the kids, the chateau and the Pitt.

When I consider that she went from alien eyed teenager
to pouty pretty young woman

to doe eyed goddess

it makes me think that with maturity and a little help
women everywhere can blossom into beauties.
This is my own projection of course.
Is there a month that goes by without at least one photo of Angelina Jolie in celebrity magazines...I don't think so... because the mystique of Angelina Jolie sells.
Even Harper's Bazaar has jumped on the Jolie bandwagon with publishing a paparazzi photo on its cover and article by Naomi Wolf.
You can skip the Wolf article but be sure to read Virgina Postrel's take on Wolf on her Deep Glamour blog.
Her article demonstrates how glamour works by letting us inside the mind of someone as she projects her own longings onto a glamorous icon.
Certainly she never reminds herself, or her readers, how much Jolie’s life depends on unusual gifts and extraordinary wealth, and she never addresses the tradeoffs involved in living with all those tabloid headlines. Instead, Angelina Jolie's life functions as proof that the desires that inform Wolf's own oeuvre are all attainable: to be effortlessly beautiful and thin (The Beauty Myth), to participate in high-level public debates (Fire with Fire), to indulge sexual desire without condemnation or consequence (Promiscuities), to become a mother without hassle or pain (Misconceptions).
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Jill said...

I think she's an exotic of the great beauties of our time.

Belle de Ville said...

She is gorgeous and accomplished!
I saw her in person a couple of years ago... she was absolutely stunning.

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