Friday, May 15, 2009

Style In The City - London Over Paris

Nicola Ruiz
From Berlin to Barcelona, these 10 buzzworthy spots epitomize cool.

Paris has La Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. New York is home to Fifth and Madison avenues. And shoppers need look no further than Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Italy, for the latest prêt-a-porter.
But none can match
London's cosmopolitan vibe. One third of the city's population was born outside Britain; that's 2.3 million Londoners sharing their cultural style, fashion and cuisine. This mix gives tremendous vibrancy to the city, the world's most stylish according to a recent survey.

While Paris came in second, Anholt says it's done less to deserve this elite spot than other cities. With no notable new buildings going up since the Arche de La Defense 20 years ago, and few new crowd-pleasing events of late, Anholt says that Paris, like Rome and Milan, is riding on its reputation.

Riding on its reputation....I love that phrase
(I might add that I am a Francophile...not a Parisophile)

New York
I'm OK with the fact that Los Angeles didn't turn up on this list.
It's too crowded here already and we don't need any more people
stylish or not.
And, I'm not sure whether or not I want La Belette to finish her
Maybe she should stop now with Thing #1 The Getty
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La Belette Rouge said...

Perhaps I could simultaneously do a "500 things that suck about L.A." series. That'll keep them from coming and make the 405 perhaps a little less crowded.

Thanks for the link!!!:-)

Jill said...

What?! No El Paso?? I'm stunned and flabbergasted!

Belle de Ville said...

Yes Belette...PLEASE write the 500 things that suck about LA!

Jill....shhh.....don't let out the secret that El Paso don't want the deluge....

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