Thursday, May 28, 2009

Social Primer For Father's Day

Father's it here already? Well, just about.
It always sneaks up on me and I rush around at the last minute trying to find just the right gift.

You might want to check out Beladora's selection of cufflinks....and if you don't see something there that you like, send an email or call the office, because there are at least a hundred more pairs to choose from.

And, my bow tied buddy, LA's Social Primer, has a fabulous collection of well mannered monogrammed items to choose from. Please check out his site with well written articles and the SP shop with well edited gifts.

I adore these monogrammed cards
the SP Shop
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WendyB said...

Thanks for reminding me...I gotta push my Mud Flap Jill cufflinks for the holiday.


I just like saying "Mud Flap Jill."

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, forget Cartier, Van Cleef, Boucheron, and Harry Winston....the Mud flap Jill is THE iconic design in men's cufflinks for our generation. Decades from now it will be in all of the vintage jewelry books and I will be telling my great grandchildren that yes...way back in the day, I knew Wendy B...well sort of.

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