Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red Carpet Wonderlands


The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala is known as the Oscars of Fashion. This year, sparkly minis were favored, big ball gowns few and far between. Of course, these ensembles don't come cheap.

Dress: Louis Vuitton, $2,696

Thigh-high boots: Louis Vuitton, $3,785
Lambskin and stone gloves: Louis Vuitton, $770
Hat: Custom Louis Vuitton; $350 (est.)
Total cost: $7,601

Rose Byrne
Dress: Custom Marc Jacobs, $5,500 (est.)

Ring: Stephen Webster, $4,500
Clutch: Marc By Marc Jacobs, $300
Total cost: $10,300

Gisele B√ľndchen
Dress: Versace, $6,000 (est.)

Bag: Versace, $1,800 (est.)
Shoes: Versace, $1,000 (est.)
Total cost: $8,800

I'm amused by the fact Forbes needs to report on the cost of these red carpet looks.
Costs...what costs?
Celebrities get the entire outfits, including the jewelry, on loan....or gifted.
Do you think that they pay gift taxes on these outfits?

I love the way that red carpet events are like magical wonderlands for celebrities where entire outfits just appear as if almost out of nowhere...totally free.

What I wonder is this...if you had an unlimited budget would you have chosen these specific ensembles for the Costume Institute Gala?

OK...I admit...I'd take Madonna's thigh high boots and hat.
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