Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing Up The PR With Padma

Wow, Padma's jewelry line has only been out for what...maybe a month now and she's everywhere. Who are her PR people...they're awesome!
From gracing the cover of Town and Country to jewelry advice in the Wall Street Journal, this woman's product launch is brilliant.

From the WSJ
There's an error women sometimes make when they wear jewelry, says "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi: "You notice the jewelry more than you notice her smile or her face. Jewelry should not upstage you."
To avoid that, Ms. Lakshmi has a simple strategy. "I pick one hot point on my body that I'm going to highlight," she says. "Let one area do the singing -- you don't want to hear three songs at once."
Playing up the PR or not, Padma has plenty of good advice for creating a balanced and tasteful look so be sure to read the rest of this article.
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WendyB said...

I wish I had had the good sense to date Salman Rushdie!

Belle de Ville said...

Seriously Wendy...who is this woman's publicist? She's everywhere!

StyleSpy said...

I? Am already sick of her. And I don't even watch Top Chef.

Belle de Ville said...

God...I wish I could afford her Spin people. As it is I have to make my own spin...thus BHB.

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