Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Oprah - It's Good To Be The Queen

Let me come right out and say it
I don't worship at the Church of Oprah
I don't watch her program, read her magazine or recommended books
or go to her women's event, ever so popular with hollywood and hedgefund wives.

That said, I do admire Oprah

And, I couldn't be more pleased about her candor

From the Wall Street Journal Wealth Report
Oprah: It’s Great to Have a Private Jet

“It’s great to have a nice home. It’s great to have nice homes! It’s great to have a nice home that just escaped the fire in Santa Barbara,” she told the students. “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”

I love her lack of hypocrisy

The golden nugget here is the jet part. In these times of hair-shirt capitalism and envy politics, the wealthy have been going to great lengths to pretend they don’t enjoy luxury or want nice stuff. If Oprah were like most of the faux-populist rich today, she would have said something like, “I don’t need private jets, in fact I’m happier flying commercial and living in a small house. I like the simple life.” Of course, she would be lying.

I love her honesty

But she didn’t. She told the truth, which is that flying in a private jet is one of the great material perks that money can buy. (Talk to anyone who used to be rich and they will say one thing they really miss is the jet. Apparently Oprah’s ride is a $42 million custom-build Global Express XRS built by Bombardier Aerospace).

Most of all I love the way that she made it to the top all on her own.
And now she owns it
Damn...it's good to be the Queen

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Jill said...

I don't watch Oprah, but I have a subscription to O. I've had it since it was first published. She interviewed Elizabeth Edwards in this past issue.
"We're not fancy people" Elizabeth said, sitting in her 28,200 square foot house.

Belle de Ville said...

I have nothing but admiration for Oprah...especially when she's honest enough to say that having a private jet rocks.
I abhor hypocrisy...especially coming from people with 28,200 square foot houses!

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