Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back From Buckhead

Imagine my trepidation when I realized this past week that I would have to take a quick one day trip to Atlanta....because seriously these women scare the hell out of me.

Luckily, I never came into contact with the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Instead I met with some very nice people and wouldn't mind going back once a quarter for business.
But, the W Hotel in Buckhead is going to have to pay a little more attention to detail.
W people... is it too much to ask to have bottled water in the minibar and turn down service?
And just because the menu at your Market restaurant was created by Jean-Georges Vongerichten doesn't mean that your chef knows how to cook the dishes properly.
Next time I'm going to skip the restaurant and have my one cocktail at the rooftop Whiskey Blue bar and a club sandwich in my room.

Whiskey Blue on the rooftop of W Hotel Buckhead
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Jill said...

The bar looks very cool. Too bad the food wasn't good, but a club sandwich will do for me! They're my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I hate that when you travel and it's lame all around. I love Atlanta, but find someone in the know to ask for the next new city. PS? no turndown? Fine. It means they weren't in your room going through your Belladora Estate Jewelry!

Belle de Ville said...

I love the South because the people have old fashioned manners....for that matter I love the Mid-West, New England and New York. There is something to like about everywhere that I travel.

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