Monday, May 25, 2009

Around Town - Holiday Hiking - Sun and Snakes

Another thing to love about LA
This lovely trail...only a few miles from where I live
Cool and quiet, it seems like a million miles away.....not part of bustling Brentwood only minutes from the beach.
Summer has definitely arrived...Today I saw my first snake of the season which appeared to be a small rattlesnake sunning itself in the middle of the fire road.
Note to self: keep a couple of small rocks in my pocket to throw near snakes to gently encourage them to slither into the brush.
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Anonymous said...

ooooooooh, don't call me to go hiking, that's for sure. Shopping, yes. Hiking, not in my vocab.

Belle de Ville said...

Karen...I'll have you know that hiking is the perfect form of exercise where no special equipment, team, or teacher (coach) is needed. You just put on your cargo shorts (mine are men's from a thrift store, wife beater (hanes, men's size small), tennis shoes (yep, I wear men's shoes too) and a visor or baseball cap.
A friend of mine hikes with a backpack to add twenty extra pounds or so for more exercise. I don't need a pack because I'm carrying around 20 extra pounds on my ass!

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