Saturday, May 16, 2009

Always Optimistic

Always an optimist
I bring you

Top 5 Best Things To Have Come Out Of The Recession
from the DABA girls
5. Severance
4. Acceptable responses to everyone’s all time fav question “What do you do?” include “I’m still figuring that out”, “I’m taking some time to relax” or “Yeah, not sure.”
3. It’s actually possible to get a cab going downtown at 9 am.
2. Waiters don’t pressure you to buy bottles- tap water is finally assumed.
1. Crime is up, gentrification down. Soon modern day New Yorkers can claim to have street cred.

from the BL1Y lawyer boy

5. Bankruptcy. Firms are losing a lot of corporate work, but at least some of that is being made up for in bankruptcy jobs. Massive doc review will keep under-worked junior associates busy (and employed).
4. Getting to see firms that rejected my application layoff associates. Doubly good when someone I didn’t like works worked there.
3. Massive sales on clothes. Longer/better happy hours. If you didn’t lose your job, this basically equates to a raise.
2. UK dropped their student loan rates to 0%. Maybe the US will follow suit? Hope and change, baby, hope and change.
1. Bar tenders can now deal with drunk assholes by saying, “Do I come down to the unemployment office and harass you?”
and the BHB list
5. The A table is actually available at my favorite restaurant.
4. On street parking on Robertson, Melrose and Rodeo
3. Sales girls at Chanel are genuinely nice...not just fake nice
2. Prices are so reduced that I can finally afford to buy my own product
1. With the rise in foreclosures, that ranch property in Ojai is getting closer to being within my reach
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