Friday, April 17, 2009

Quote of the Day - "Women Get So Ripped Off!"

Yesterday, I was surfing the shopping sites with my main man...
no not my bf...the estate jewelry buyer extraordinaire that I learned all my tricks from.
He and I were checking out what was available online in terms of designer fashions and
we came upon this dress.
His comment "Three Thousand Dollars....Sheesh, women get so ripped off!"
I'd have to say that most of the men that I know would have said the exact same thing.
What do you think. Is this this price...a ripoff or not?
What would your main man say about this dress?
Would he think that $3000 was a reasonable price?
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karinnska said...

If I had my heart set on it, my man wouldn't have much to say about it, if it made me happy and was somehow tremendously useful to me.

But realistically I could come up with something far more fabulous from vintage land for sooo much less $.

Jill said...

Hell, no! I think we are taught to believe that if it's outrageously expensive, then it's more desirable. You should have heard me ranting about the whole "It" bag phenomenon.

Belle de Ville said...

Karin, for the money I could have come up with much more fabulousity too from a vintage website.
Jill, shhh...don't the the brilliant bag snob girls, but I've been against the "it" bag for years...although I do love the Nancy Gonazalez bags. I'd rather buy something from than buy an "it" bag at Louis Vuitton, Fendi or Balenciaga.

Jill said...

I owe you something fabulous. I love this site!

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