Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter - Butterflies and Bailouts

I had a tough time getting into the Easter mood this year.
No church, no brunch with friends....not even a hike in the hills.

I suspect that my miserable mood had something to do with a trip to my accountant on Saturday to go over my taxes all the while knowing that Federal bailout money is going to complete nonsense like the Italian American Museum and vintage street lights for the city of Alameda...not to mention the the bonuses paid to Wall Street executives.

Yep, I was bummed out all weekend until about noon on Sunday when I rallied and decided to put together a little Easter dinner for the de Ville kids.

So, yes I did the marketing, arranged the flowers and set the table with the Queen Victoria china and got to the cooking.
Herend Queen Victoria China at Neiman Marcus

The menu was rather yummy and luckily I had a little help from Miss de Ville.
kir royale as an aperitif
salad of mache and beets dressed with a light vinaigrette
roast lamb, asparagus and roast potatoes with herbs de provence served with cote de rhone
cheese and baguette
individual chocolate molten lava cakes with whipped cream
Obviously, no one was on a least not last night.
Roberto Coin Butterfly Brooches in 18K at

The dress code chez moi is always casual, but keeping with the butterfly motif on the china these butterfly brooches in pink and yellow sapphires from Roberto Coin would have been perfect.

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Jill said...

Sounds like a fabulous celebration afterall.

Belle de Ville said...

I don't know if it was a fabulous celebration...but it was a delicious dinner!
I used to love to make souffles. Now I'm all about individal molten lava cakes...easy to cook and yummy.

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