Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April - The Time Of Taxes!

From the Tax Prof blog

The Tax Foundation announced today that Tax Freedom Day -- the date on which Americans will have worked long enough to have earned enough money to pay this year's tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels -- will be April 13 this year:

April 13 is the national average -- Tax Freedom Day in individual states range from the state with the highest tax burden -- Connecticut (April 30) -- to the state with the lowest tax burden -- Alaska (March 23).

Here are the ten states with the heaviest tax burdens and the latest Tax Freedom Days:
Connecticut April 30)
New Jersey (April 29)
New York (April 25)
California (April 20)
Maryland (April 19)
Virginia (April 16)
Massachusetts (April 16)
Washington (April 16)
Minnesota (April 15)
Rhode island (April 14)

Here are the ten states with the lowest tax burdens and the earliest Tax Freedom Days:
Alaska (March 23)
Louisiana (March 28)
Mississippi (March 28)
South Dakota (March 29)
North Dakota (April 1)
West Virginia (April 1)
Alabama (April 2)
New Mexico (April 2)
Montana (April 3)
Kentucky (April 3)

And no, I'm not going to move to Alaska just because it has the lowest State tax burden.

But does it bother anyone else that everything that you earn in the first quarter of the year goes to the government?

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