Monday, March 30, 2009

Vintage Value Venture - Spring Roses For Spring Weddings

Well, it's spring...finally
Well maybe not in North Dakota
My mother is happily getting ready for her spring trip to Spain, France and Italy. Included in her little European jaunt is a wedding of the daughter of family friends in southern Spain and for the happy event she's packing a smart little frock, a rose print jacket and adorable shoes each with a gigantic fabric rose on the top.
Considering that the family owns a major Sherry winery and after a couple of glasses of fino and in an outfit like that I wouldn't be surprised if ma mere ends up with a rose in her teeth flamenco dancing with some young toreador.
Alas, I'm not off to Europe until the weather warms up to at least 85 degrees.
But.... if I had a lovely spring wedding to go to this is what I would wear.

And I'd be flamenco dancing with a young toreador with a rose in my teeth!
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