Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Solve World Hunger. Get Out Of My Closet.

The Obama Deficit

From the Telegraph

Michelle Obama says her husband Barack knows nothing about fashion
President Barack Obama is obsessed with his wife's clothes but knows nothing about fashion, the First Lady, Michelle Obama has revealed.

Obsessed with his wife's clothes...Oh God I hope not.

Mrs Obama, who has swiftly become an American style icon with a Vogue cover to her name, says that she orders the president to stop nosing around her wardrobe, puts up with him mocking her collection of shoes and has to wear one trendy belt when he is not around because he has no sense of style.

Describing a scene which will sound familiar to many less illustrious couples, Mrs Obama said her husband remains bemused by her interest in clothes. "He's always asking: 'Is that new? I haven't seen that before,'" she said, revealing that she replies: "Why don't you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet."
She went on to mock Mr Obama's tone when dealing with that age old thorny issue: the number of shoes a woman needs. Imitating her husband, Mrs Obama said: "You didn't need any more shoes. The shoes you had on yesterday were fine. Why can't you just wear that for the rest of the presidency?"

Solving world hunger is a lofty goal, at this rate I'd just prefer the President to help stabilize the economy.
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bl1yl said...

Obama has a lot of Gaius Baltar in him. Preaches hope and change, gets everyone drunk on charisma, but then just throws a wild party and fraks everything up worse.

Belle de Ville said...

Hope and change is beautiful and all, until the Treasury Department starts printing money to cover all the deficit spending. US a AAA credit...not anymore!
Just wait until the infation really gets going...

WendyB said...

He's pretty slim...he probably would look good in her clothes. ;-)

Belle de Ville said...

Oh Wendy...that comment is taking me somewhere that I just don't want to go.


my my...the inflation really gets going...going like the Energizer bunny! All I know is "Happy Spring to you beautiful!"

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