Sunday, March 1, 2009

Social Primer - Now More Than Ever

Let's face it, Chivalry is dead and sometimes I wonder if all gentlemanly manners have disappeared forever. Will my daughter ever even meet a man who knows any etiquette at all. I sincerely doubt it. In this generation of hook-ups and communication by text message, will she ever meet a man who knows how to write a formal note, use proper table manners or stand up when she approaches the table.

Well, finally I have a little hope after discovering this website.

Social Primer, Manners, Conversation, Style & Handling Your Liquor

Raison d'Etre

SocialPrimer as Utopia
Like Sir Thomas More’s idyllic island Utopia, SP envisions SocialPrimer as a place where the ideal of a well-mannered society can exist. Readers of these pages know that SP sets the bar high, so yes, Sir Thomas More would be a suitable comparison. Moving on. We inhabit an increasingly frenetic world where manners are often considered a liability; I created this little island on the internet to lament, rant and in the end dream of a more civilized world.

Good manners are not congenital. Just as Homo eructus did not saunter out of the cave knowing which fork to use and when to stand to greet a lady, not all of us were born with parents who inheritably knew the correct way to proceed through life. Good manners are taught and learned. SP pines for an ideal world where manners and civility are the common order of the day, not extraordinary occurrences that warrant attention. What could be more idyllic that that?

I appreciate Social Primer's call for civility....and you should to.

Check out his website.

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