Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paris - Maybe Not Always So Chic

I hope that you're reading Karen's posts from her vacation to Venice.
Her observations about fashion abroad are priceless.

It's hard to tell the Italians from the other European tourists here. I've decided that although Europeans dress nicely, they mostly look the same. This time of year it's tall, flat black boots worn with lightweight wool coats. Of course there are the big scarves, but it's delightful to see something other than purple. In fact, purple is very big as the color "pop." I find it funny how the crowd mentality really grabs onto a trend in Europe. In the States, there is much more individualism, creativity and variety in the way we dress. If they tell us purple is "in" we may pay attention to it, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the rainbow.

I've always agreed with her comment that in the States...at least where I reside, there is much more individualism and variety in the way we dress.

After so many bloggers have posted about the Parisienne chic, I've always found that women are better dressed on the westside of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and Malibu) and on the upper eastside of New York.

When I travel to Paris I sometimes see women dressed like the fashionistas in The Sartorialist's photos.
But mostly I see this type of individualism in fashion in Paris...and it just seems to miss in my opinion.

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WendyB said...

The only time I'm impressed with Parisian chic is when the fashion editors come to town. I see a lot of bad shoes there normally. Other than that, for me, Milan and New York are where it's at. Just because I'm biased towards NYC doesn't mean I'm not right :-)

Belle de Ville said...

For me the essence of chic is seen in certain neighborhoods, not entire cities so you will find it in say the 7th, 8th, 16th, etc. And, you won't find it all over NYC or Los Angeles either, only in pockets of the city.
Still, I'm with you on NYC and Milan over Paris. Hamburg, Zurich, Geneva and London are very chic as well.

Paris-Insider said...

I agree that the average Parisian is less chic than your average New York or Los Angeles resident. I say "average" when I should say middle class and above. It's true that when the designers aren't in town, Paris fashion is questionable. The individualism is just like you said, more like the pictures the Satorialist posts! I've got to tell you that the last two pictures here in your blog just absolutely take the cake. I almost can't stop giggling at these two little old ladies!

Someone get me a cafe au lait and a cigarette...


Deja Pseu said...

I found les Parisiennes to be just as diverse as any other group of metropolitan women, and on the whole they certainly have no monopoly on stylishness. I think it also really depends on the arrondisement; the 8th/16th is more conservative/monied and tends to the classically chic. The men there do have it all over their US counterparts when it comes to looking put-together. I've never seen so many beautiful suits/shirs/ties! The biggest Paris Fashion Don't was the woman dressed head-to-toe in varying leopard prints standing outside the Musée d'Orsay...Yowza! I've noticed from Sart's recent photos that everyone seems to have received the memo on marching band jackets, and I'm tired of that look already. Still, I think some could learn from their European sisters when it comes to buying fewer items of better quality and fit. I see a lot of "junk" clothing (and women stuffed like sausages into too-tight garments) here.

Belle de Ville said...

Pseu, I'll definitley agree with you on the fact that the men in Paris are way better dressed than the men in the US...on average of course.

Anonymous said...

Of the two times I've been to Europe in the last six months, I saw maybe ONE person dress like the above ladies. It's all the same. They all look the same. This glomming onto ONE color thing just has to go. It's ridiculous.

We look better!!!!

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