Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Need Of A Retreat

Another rainy day in LA...and I'm in need of a retreat.
There's no time to jet off to somewhere wonderful and warm
so where to go that's close to home but a world away?
The Newport Coast of course.

The Resort at Pelican Hill is perfect for a California winter weekend.
Leave on a Friday mid day from LA and the drive won't be too bad, maybe a little over an hour.
The tourist season hasn't started yet so it's the perfect time to be there...and so what if there is a little rain...the scenery makes up for it.

Here's the weekend wardrobe.
Something casual chic for Friday afternoon shopping at Crystal Cove and early evening margaritas and dinner at Laguna and Newport Beach favorite, Javier's Cantina.

Burberry trench jacket in indigo at Nordstrom on sale for $414

Jeans and a flouncy blouse are perfect for the Newport Coast vibe and you will fit right in with the Range Rover driving OC blond babes from Irvine Cove and Balboa Island.

A little jewelry is in order too.
Bvlgari Iolite ring from $995

Iolite and Moonstone Earrings from $1450

Saturday is all about taking it easy with a little sport and a little sloth.
The tourist season hasn't started yet and so it's the perfect time to hike in the hills or walk on a deserted what if there is a little rain.
One of the nicest things about the Newport Coast is the trail that runs along the bluff above the ocean and it's perfect for a fast walk or slow run. Speed should be discouraged because if you go too fast you won't be able to appreciated the vista of the ocean and Catalina Island in the distance.
Shorts and a sweater are perfect.
After all the exercise it would be perfect to relax in something comfortable from juicy with a good book in front of the fire at your villa.
Juicy Couture outfit at $178

Sunday morning is all about coffee at Jean Paul's Goodies in Laguna Beach with the locals.
After the caffeine has set in it's time to hit the driving range. There's nothing like whacking a bucket or two of balls on the prettiest driving range in Southern California.
Stella McCartney for Adidas golf sweater at $180

After lunch at the clubhouse it's back on the 405 freeway for the drive back to LA
and reality.
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WendyB said...

I love iolite! Also, why did I think for so long that it wasn't allowed to rain in LA? In actuality, it seems to rain there almost more than it rains in Vegas on CSI.

Belle de Ville said...

Wendy, I love iolite too.
I feel silly complaining about the rain when I think of my friends on the East Coast who have to put up with the snow...

Jill said...

Love the earrings. I'm so glad you visited my blog, because now I've found yours!

Belle de Ville said...

Jill, I love your blog.
You've got a tremedous sense of style,excellent writing skills and a great sense of humor.
I going to add you to my blogroll.

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