Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vintage Value Venture - Mill Street Mink and More

Once again I've got Mary at Zuburbia.com doing the legwork for some great Vintage Value Ventures.
I just don't have the patience to peruse EBay for vintage...searching Google is exhausting enough.
But...I have to admit that while about 99% of the vintage jewelry that you find on Ebay is absolute garbage...the choice on Ebay for vintage clothing is sometimes superlative.

While Yahoo weather says that the temperature outside is 48 degrees, my cold nose from the short walk that I just took tells me that that it was more like 40 degrees...which in my neighborhood is really seriously cold.
Luckily I had my shearling coat and hat to wear...but if I wasn't so well clothed I would have liked to have worn something like this.

Or...if I was back in that "Aeroflot circa 1970's" mood I would have opted for this.
Vintage Wool Dress and Coat with Mink Collar on EBay from Mill Street Vintage

I'm so loving the Julie Christie - Dr. Zhivago vibe of this outfit.
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