Sunday, February 1, 2009

Serial Babymaker - Enough Already With The Fecundity!

I like kids as much as the next person...and I admire couples who choose to have big families.
In fact I have three friends who each have five kids.
The key thing about these friends who have chosen to have large families is that they are in stable marriages where the women are stay at home moms...
and there are more than enough assets to support the kids.

So what's up with this nutcase woman, Nadya Suleman, in Whittier California, with the octuplets?

How is it that a fertility clinic would implant 8 eggs into an unmarried woman who already has 6 kids ages 7 and under?

According to the news reports this mother has no visible means of support other than her parents who lost their own house to foreclosure.

Which leads to the question of whether or not she has a psychological disorder

Little psychological research has been conducted on the reasons some mothers seem hooked on repeated pregnancies. David Diamond, a co-director for the Center for Reproductive Psychology in San Diego, said mothers can be drawn to repeat pregnancies for a number of reasons, with some finding the experience so satisfying they choose to become surrogates.

Diane G. Sanford, a psychologist and author specializing in women's reproductive mental health, said while she doesn't know much about Nadya Suleman's background, women that have obsessive-compulsive disorder can become fixated on different obsessions.

"Her obsession centers around children, having children and being a mother," she said. "To what degree are her esteem and identity based on being a mom, and why has this from a young age been such a preoccupation of hers?"

Disorder or not... there is an huge ethical question involved.
Who in the hell were her fertility doctors?

Angela Suleman told reporters Friday that doctors implanted far fewer than eight embryos, but they multiplied. Experts said this could be possible since Nadya Suleman's system has likely been hyperstimulated for years with fertilization treatments and drugs.

The news that the octuplets' mother already had six children sparked an ethical debate. Some medical experts were disturbed to hear that she was offered fertility treatment, and troubled by the possibility that she was implanted with so many embryos.

And I don't know how much it costs to deliver one baby today.....but I remember that it was thousands of dollars 2o something years ago when my son was born.

The eight babies _ six boys and two girls _ were delivered by cesarean section weighing between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Forty-six physicians and staff assisted in the deliveries.

Some 46 physicians and staff!

So who paid for this woman's parents.....some mysterious trust fund.....The State of California?

And how is this woman going to support her litter of 14?

Aid to Families with Dependent Children perhaps?

ps...sorry about using the word fucundity when i meant fecundity

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Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Grandma ditched the family before they were to come home from the hospital? Seems granny was stuck with the childcare 24/7. With eight more making their way back home, no wonder she skeedadled out of there so fast-like.

Belle de Ville said...

Karen: Yeah I read this about the grandmother who probably didn't think that she was going to spend her middle age years as a baby nurse.
Look, I think that children are a mitzva but somebody needs to go to jail...maybe the people at the fertility clinic who actively allowed this to happen.

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